Is Carlos Alcaraz now the most marketable athlete in the world?

Is Carlos Alcaraz now the most marketable athlete in the world?

Sunday’s Men’s Wimbledon Final saw the 20-year-old Spaniard seize the crown from Novak Djokovic. With youth, an all-round game with no visible weaknesses, trophies, and comfort in front of the camera, is Carlos Alcaraz now the most marketable athlete in the world?

PR guru Mark Borkowski stated after the Men’s final that 'we are witnessing the new hero for Gen Z'. The sheer optics of seeing one of the Big 3 bested by a 20-year-old newcomer was striking. For brands looking to connect to a Gen Z audience or play off an “out with the old, in with the new” campaign, Alcaraz presents an unparalleled opportunity. But there’s so much more to the new sports star. 

Here, we take a look at three of Alcaraz's current sponsorships and what they tell us about his enormous commercial appeal. 

Louis Vuitton 

In late June, Alcaraz joined LV’s stacked roster of ambassadors that includes actor Zendaya, and fellow tennis player Naomi Osaka. Alcaraz explained that he has spent time over the past few years educating himself on the current state of fashion. “I think it’s a very interesting world and it excites me.” Together with his expressed admiration for the late Virgil Abloh’s playful approach to ‘blurring the lines between sportswear and high fashion,’ Alcaraz opened himself up to high fashion marketing. With the partnership announced just under three weeks before the Wimbledon final, Louis Vuitton will be looking to leverage the No. 1 ranking of its ambassador. 


In January 2022, Rolex and Alcaraz announced the signing of a multi-year partnership deal. Fast-forward 18 months and Alcaraz has sported a pair of Rolex wristwatches during two finals speeches and trophy ceremonies. This sponsorship has allowed Rolex to be a part of these celebrations in an enduring way—through the photographs. The marketing team will no doubt have enjoyed the proximity of Alcaraz’s watch to the golden Wimbledon trophy, with Djokovic’s Hublot seen next to the silver plate. 


The globetrotting nature of tennis’ calendar makes this partnership, penned in January 2022, a smart deal. As mobility provider to Carlos Alcaraz, BMW will have high and wide-ranging visibility.

The partnership was announced via Instagram with a photo of Alcaraz next to the flagship of the car brand’s electric range. As Alcaraz’s Gen Z and millennial audience inevitably increases, the chance to advertise with sustainable models will be crucial to the manufacturer’s plans for the future. A recent survey from the Wharton School assessed that Gen Z (those born 1995-2010) shows the most concern for the planet’s well-being and believes others should make buying decisions based on sustainability models, not brands. Going back to the Mark Borkowski quote at the start, this partnership shows a brand understanding and leveraging Alcaraz’s unique appeal. 

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After a thrilling contest on Sunday, Alcaraz charmed crowds with a charismatic and gracious speech. The 2023 Wimbledon Trophy will not be the only one Alcaraz picks up over the next decade. In practically sponsoring a portion of his wrist for all post-match trophy celebrations, Rolex have gone even further in their quest to leverage and support the player’s success.

Alcaraz’s keen personal interest in fashion has already yielded a result for Louis Vuitton—the company’s ‘V is for Victory’ tweets congratulating Carlos show the marketing benefits of sponsoring the best.

The chance to connect with an engaged Gen Z audience is of extremely high importance to brands, and righty so. As one of Gen Z’s breakout sporting stars, Alcaraz will attract attention in a very specific way; BMW have recognised that and are emphasising sustainability in their activations. 

Much like the star’s all-round game, the commercial viability of Carlos Alcaraz is without any apparent shortcomings.