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The 6 components of successful sponsorship planning: A guide for first-time sponsors

Sponsorship can be a game-changer for brands seeking to elevate their presence and connect with their target audience in a meaningful way. However, diving into the world of sponsorship requires careful consideration and strategic planning. To ensure your sponsorship venture is fruitful, finding the right partner is essential. Here are six crucial components of successful...

Little fish, big pond: the dangers of overestimating your sponsorship capabilities

In the dynamic world of sports sponsorship, businesses face a critical decision: Should they swim with the giants and be a small partner of a renowned event, or dive into uncharted waters as the main sponsor of a smaller team? The choice is far from simple, it requires a thoughtful evaluation of the pros and cons associated with each approach as well as your organisation's...

Has your sponsorship gone stale?

According to research, sponsorship awareness begins to plateau after the second year of a partnership. How can sponsors continue to drive recognition and recall amongst fans and supporters beyond the initial stages of an association?

Data driven sposnsorship